Episode 022:

Angelo DiLullo

Direct Pointing

Our guest today is Angelo DiLullo, a medical doctor and author of a fine book called Awake: It’s Your Turn. Angelo points directly to the true nature of self / consciousness / or whatever you want to call this bizarre ululating mystery we all seem to be living inside. He probably wouldn’t even say he “teaches” this, since all he does for his guided practice is describe his own experience of operating in a world without a sense of a panicked separate self running around going “I gotta get more stuff!”

In fact, the whole conversation is a direct pointing. And what is Angelo pointing Tasha, Jeff, and our listeners to? His term for it is “unfiltered reality”. Which turns out to be right here, right now, only we overlook it, on account of our enthralment to thinking and the organizing structures that lie below thinking.

This shit is so fun. That’s why we do it! We like the existential shivers, the shiver-me-timbers, the sense of beautiful ordinary that settles all around as we get wide and full of Being (beans!), trembling righhhht at the threshold of …. of what? Of almost getting it? – but getting what? If it can’t be got, if it’s already right here? Etcetera etcetera and so on and so forth.

What pleasurable times we had conversing about perceptual distortions and the need for emotional work and metabolizing energies and the twitchy “sphincter of the mind” and the tragic way Jeff has reified awareness and thus will probably never get enlightened and that’s fine at least he still has most of his hair (not for long Dad!).

The End

Angelo’s 12.5 minute “direct pointing” meditation begins at 9:28 and ends at 21:52.

Start with where you really are and be willing to feel the doubt... If you start with authenticity, it will lead you to the next step and the next step

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