Shinzen Young · Spontaneous Thinking

Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify Episode 019: ShinzenYoung Spontaneous Thinking Meet Shinzen Young, a long-time instructor of mindfulness, author of The Science of Enlightenment, and now co-director of the “Science-Enhanced Mindful Awareness” or SEMA Lab at the University of Arizona. Shinzen is Jeff’s OG meditation teacher. He is both a scholar of comparative mysticism and […]

Tatianna Morales · Tarot & the Imagination

Today we hang out with the incomparable Tatianna Morales – aka @tatiannatarot – a Brooklyn-born spiritualist, priestess, and Tarot diviner! Together, we plunge into the imagination, learning how the age-old tradition of reading Tarot cards can give us insight into our personalities and our life situations.

Peter Russell · Effortless Meditation

Today’s Explorer-in-Residence is Peter Russell, who started out as a theoretical physicist (a student of Stephen Hawking’s!) and became one of the West’s early proponents of meditation. Together we explore letting go.

Donna Ray · The Feldenkrais Method

Meet psychotherapist and Feldenkrais teacher Donna Ray. In this episode, she makes us move! Ok, more like she makes us sit in chairs and roll our eyes and turn our heads a bit and suddenly everything feels better. Welcome to the subtle art of micro-movement!

Valerie Mason-John • Addiction & Self-Compassion

Today we’re joined by UK-based Valerie Mason-John, also known as Vimalasara, a leader in the field of mindfulness for addiction and trauma.

This episode is about the ways we get disconnected from our bodies and our lives, and the role self-compassion can play in bringing us home. We explore this in the context of our addictions – even addictions we don’t realize are addictions, like – in Vimalasara’s words – “stinking thinking” and technology. And we explore it in the context of contemporary challenges like coronavirus, and the institutional racism and violence directed to Black bodies.

For Vimalasara, the medicine is self-compassion – delivered with fierceness and strength. She guides us into a 16-minute meditation she calls the “5 basic needs of the heart.”

Baron Short • Tech-Enhanced Meditation

Today we’re joined by Dr Baron Short, an “interventional psychiatrist” at the Medical University of South Carolina, and co-founder of Zendo, a curious electronic headset that purports to enhance both the experience and the long-term benefits of meditation.

David Spiegel • Hypnosis

Are you hypnotizable? Find out in this week’s episode! We’re joined by Stanford psychiatry professor Dr. David Spiegel, an expert in the clinical use of hypnosis. ⁠

We explore the neurobiology of hypnosis, how it’s different from meditation, and the potential of hypnosis to help with all kinds of health conditions, from addiction to chronic pain to anxiety. ⁠

Therese Jornlin · Breath as Medicine

Today we’re joined by Jeff’s good friend Therese Jornlin, teacher of meditation, yoga, and qi gong. Therese re-introduces us to our breath as both medicine and guide. The breath can show us where we’re stuck and it can show us how to find a way through.

Warren Hooley · Connecting to the Land

In today’s episode, we explore the inner practice of territory – and ancestor – acknowledgement and how to engage with it in a way that is real and meaningful for the practitioner.

Willa Blythe Baker · The Wakeful Body

Meet meditation teacher Willa Blythe Baker. Willa is an authorized Lama in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and author of our new favourite book: The Wakeful Body: Somatic Mindfulness as a Path to Freedom.