Episode 016:

Donna Ray

The Feldenkrais Method

Meet psychotherapist and Feldenkrais teacher Donna Ray. In this episode, she makes us move! Ok, more like she makes us sit in chairs and roll our eyes and turn our heads a bit and suddenly everything feels better. 

Welcome to the subtle art of micro-movement. 

Donna shows us how small physical adjustments in the way we hold ourselves can change both our experience and our body’s overall functioning. She’s a true adept – Donna has been teaching this method for over 40 years, ever since Moshe Feldenkrais first brought his system to North America.


Like much of what we explore at CEP, the radical nature of Feldenkrais is hard to capture in words. Not a problem – your body doesn’t need words, it learns for itself by doing, and, in the doing, awareness expands. This is about repatterning the nervous system so that all parts can function in a more vital and free and integrated way. 

Ultimately it’s an exploration of pleasure as the basis for how to live inside our bodies. Thus we end our conversation with a few PG remarks on Tantric sex, and call it a day.  


Donna’s 16 minute Feldenkrais practice begins at 9:02 and ends at 25:20. 


There's no end to how good you can feel... That's a very different kind of awareness and it demands a change in your belief system. Most people think they hae to suffer & feel bad a lot of the time.

Donna Ray, on The Feldenkrais Method Tweet


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