Episode 021:


The Body’s Intelligence

In today’s episode, we’re joined by author and embodiment expert Philip Shepherd. Philip is also an actor and thus a wonderfully entertaining tour guide! He takes us into the body’s “grounded sensitivity” – really the perfect phrase for it, a place both of exquisite intelligence and dependable common sense. Under Philip’s careful guidance, we explore how to move past the mind’s imaginary constraints, softening and merging with the world around us.

It’s an ambitious itinerary with many practical take-aways. Come feel reality beyond the head!

To go straight to Philip’s grounded sensitivity practice, it begins at 3:59 and ends at 18:03.


As you stand before a tree and feel its presence, it illuminates you in a particular way … The more deeply you come into relationship with the world, the more deeply you illuminate who you are.

*Coming Soon*

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