Episode 012:

Therese Jornlin

Breath as Medicine

Today we’re joined by Jeff’s good friend Therese Jornlin, teacher of meditation, yoga, and qi gong. 

Much happens in this episode! Therese re-introduces us to our breath as both medicine and guide. We learn how the unique way each of us breathes, is a reflection of our mental patterns and habits. The breath can show us where we’re stuck and it can show us how to find a way through.

This is really an exploration of the wisdom of cycles: the inhale and the exhale, the up and the down, even life and death. 

We learn how Therese helped Jeff manage his bipolar symptoms, and how an appreciation for nature’s cycles can help all of us better manage life’s highs and lows.

There are actually two practices in today’s episode, one long and one short. So settle in and get ready to breathe!

If you change the patterns of your breathing, it will alter the patterns of your mind.

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